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Helen Bradley MBE 1900-1979

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Helen Bradley -

"Isn't It Kind" (The Enchanted Garden)

Oil on Board
16¼ x 20¼ ins (41.28 x 51.44 cms)
Signed & Dated & Monogram

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Helen Bradley's Lancashire by Ina Taylor, illustration and text page 35

General Notes

*Oh Jane, isn't it kind of Mr Taylor to bring our shawls'
said Aunt Frances.
"Indeed it is', said
Mother, but Miss Carter (who wore Pink) took her pink shawl with a haughty 'Thank you'
from Mr Taylor (the Bank Manager). It was a lovely April evening and everyone agreed we should go into the enchanted garden and see the wild cherry blossom and also gather bunches of daffodils to take back to Grandma.
As we turned to walk home Aunt Charlotte whispered 'Look he's taken her arm, perhaps he'll propose', but he mustn't have done because she was still huffy and, 'Oh dear,'
said Mother, it's only our first week of the holidays and we were at Blackpool in the year 1908.

This is the first picture mother painted with a pink sky. My father didn't like it and said it looked ridiculous. I'd visited mother that day and as I went into her studio the first thing I saw was this beautiful pink picture on the easel.
'Oh mum' I said 'that's the prettiest
picture I've ever seen'. Mother lifted it off the easel and handed it to me. 'Here' she said 'Its yours, you can take it home with you.' I gave it to my daughter and son-in-law for a wedding present in 1981.
Written by the artist's daughter, Joan Elizabeth Morton, March 1994.


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