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Helen Bradley MBE 1900-1979

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Helen Bradley - Jonah's Whale

Jonah's Whale

Oil on Board
16 x 20 ins (40.64 x 50.80 cms)
mSigned & Monogramed

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"In The Beginning said Great-Aunt Jane" by Helen Bradley , illustrated and text page 30

Helen Bradley's Lancashire by Ina Taylor, illustrated and text Page 65

General Notes

One day after we walked home through the park in the snow, I dreamed that just as we came to the lake the little black island moved and the Whale's great head came out of the water near the landing-stage and to our great surprise, out walked Jonah dressed in his Best Clothes.
"Bless me," said Grandma,"if you
aren't Jonah!' She took his hand and seemed very pleased to see him.
'Now you must comeback with us and have a cup of tea.
"OhMissus, I can't,'he said, 'I've got to go andsee my people.'
Where are your people?'asked Grandma."They're in Egypt,he replied.
"But you can't go all that way without your tea. But just then the Whale wept long andloud, it wanted Jonah to come back and stay with it, and the year was 1906.


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